Monday, January 20, 2014
Spring Book Fair

The spring book fair was a HUGE success!!

We needed money for books, prizes, and library supplies, so I knew that we needed to sell as much as possible.  I was not overly impressed with the theme, but I decided to "run" with it.

At each book fair I like to have different contests for students to win prizes, a.k.a. books, from the book fair.  I used to let the students choose what they wanted from the book fair, but they always went straight to "the stuff".  So, in the fall, I decided to change that.  The whole point of the book fair is to get books into student hands, so that is what I did.  I would choose clearance books and ring them up and use Scholastic Dollars.  This became more cost effective and helped achieve my goal of getting books to students.

One of the contests I held was "dress like a scientist day".  I was worried about the response to this contest, but the students really stepped up and made it a great experience.  

Another event I held was Hat Day!  Each year, for United Way, our school has a hat day.  So I thought, why not have one to raise money for the book fair.  The students had to pay $1 to wear their hat and all of the proceeds were used to purchase books for students that could not afford to buy anything from the book fair.  I had the teachers send me a list of 5 students, in the class, that are in need.  Hat day raised over $140 and I was able to give a book to each student that had a their name submitted by their teacher.

Lastly, we held GRAND Day!  We had over 300 GRANDs in attendance!  They were allowed to visit the classroom, where the teachers had a special activity or something special made for the GRANDs.  They were then allowed to attend the Book Fair and have refreshments (cookies and punch).  Marsh Supermarket was very generous and donated 1,000 cookies!  Here is a photo with a special guest!

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