Guided Math- Chapter 6

Monday, July 28, 2014
Hello all!  I am a day late posting my study of chapter 6, but for a good reason!  A mini-vacation with my spouse and his family!  We had a great time celebrating his parents' 50th!

Now for the book study...

As I have stated before, this will be my 1st year back in the classroom!  I feel like I am starting from scratch.  Even in the media center I created lesson plans, but my template was very basic.  It's important for me to feel organized (maybe a little OCD at times)!  After reading the chapter and looking on Pinterest and TPT, I decided to make my own lesson plan template.

I made it basic for my first year and I will adjust as needed.  I do not anticipate meeting with small groups every day, but kept this as an option for my plans.

As for teaching with different levels, I plan to use as many manipulatives as possible.  Our math series came with manipulatives, so I will be creating baggies for the students to keep these at their stations.  I will post pictures when available!  I would like to use digital tools as well, because the students have used them on the state test in the past.  

I think that is all for now!  See you back here on Wednesday!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you put in your math tool baggies! :0) It sounds like you are doing some great prep for this year. Thanks so much for sharing your lesson template!



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