Guided Math in Action Book Study- Chapters 1 & 2

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I am so glad I decided to join this book study.  I am coming from the media center to the classroom after 7 years, so I am in need of some structure in the classroom.  Now on to the book study...

Question 1

How true it is that we MUST stretch our own pedagogy.  In order to meet the needs of students, we have to be willing to find different ways to reach students so they understand concepts.  The saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again" comes to my mind when I read this paragraph.  I have told students for years that we all learn and develop at different levels and in different ways.  What works for one student, may not necessarily work for another student.  

As an educator, we are responsible for helping the students develop and learn.  I think it is important for other students to show how they came up with answers or collaborate with other teachers about different approaches to help students learn.

Question 2

I am having a hard time answering this question, since I have not been in the classroom in years.  I only saw students for approximately 30 minutes in the media center, therefore perseverance was not always a topic of discussion.  

Any way that you can give me ideas or guidance in this area would be appreciated!  I am interested in the bucket filler classroom ideas, which I think you could incorporate perseverance into.

In thinking about my upcoming school year, I have spent a lot of time on blogs and Pinterest to find ideas of how to utilize math in the classroom.  Here are my ideas of how I am going to create a numerate environment in my classroom:

  • Calendar- even in upper elementary grades, it is important for students to know how to read a calendar.  In the book, Dr. Newton describes having upper elementary students recording the daily weather and using that for fractions and percentage.
  • Interactive Notebooks- WOW!  These are EVERYWHERE and for all subjects.  I love the idea of the students being able to create INBs for a more hands-on approach to learning.
  • Math Word Wall- In our school, we have a specific file that we use to discuss math vocabulary.  They are like cheat sheets for the words.  For example: coNgrueNt is one of vocabulary sheets.  I have inserted the file, if anyone would like to look at more!  All you need to do is click on the link for the word congruent above!
  • Exit Slips- I am currently working on an exit slip board, which will be posted beside my door.  I will post a picture when it is ready!
  • Math Meeting- I found this idea from 4th grade frolics.  Click on the link to read her post!
  • Number of the Day- adapt for upper elementary
  • Other Subjects- including math in other subject areas as well!
I am looking forward to continuing this book study and reading everyone's ideas!

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  1. I think this text and all of the ideas participating bloggers have already shared, and will be sharing, will be a great resource for you. You have a wonderful list of things to implement this year. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and visions for the days ahead!



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