Guided Math in Action- Chapter 9

Friday, August 8, 2014
This is the final chapter in Guided Math in Action book study!  I can't believe it!  I am starting back (officially) next Monday!  I will be posting pics of my classroom, soon!

In order to prepare for my first days, here is what I will do or have already done!

  • lesson plan template
  • math tools baggies (I saved myself some trouble, because they were already made from the book company!)
  • interactive notebooks
  • math workshop bulletin board
  • shopped Pinterest and TPT
  • math toolkit
  • anchor charts
Since this is my first year in the classroom, I do not have a continue answer!  I am sure I will next year!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and stay tuned for exciting news in my classroom!


Guided Math in Action- Chapter 8

Sunday, August 3, 2014

This chapter was all about what the other students are doing while I am working with a group.  Math centers are a must for students to practice and be engaged in the learning process.

Some people think centers are designed for busy work, but I disagree.  Centers should be meaningful and engaging to the students, but the should also be in their  "zone of proximal development".  I want my students to enjoy learning and become independent.  Here is an anchor chart that I created to use with the students to implement the first day of school.  

 Question 1
I think it is important for the students to practice in a variety of ways.  Sometimes the students will practice on their own, with partners, and in groups.  I think the best thing for the students is to rotate through these options.  I am going to use the acronym MATH to set-up my workshop.  I am sure you have seen this all over the web, I did not come up with the acronym, but I think it makes it easy to remember!

M- Math Facts
A- At Your Seat
T- Teacher Time
H- Hands On

I am working on creating my own bulletin board for my rotation chart.  Stay tuned!

Ideally, I would like the students to make it through all 4 rotations in a day, but our math block is only 45 minutes. I think they may only be able to make it through 3 rotations.  

Question 2
The students need to have a sense of purpose in their work.  They also need to be held accountable for their work.  Keeping a written record of what the students completed is a great way for the students to hold themselves accountable.  My students will keep a math folder of all of their work and a a reflection sheet for the week.  They will fill in what they did for each day of the week.  See my reflection sheet below!

One more post for our book study!  I can't believe that I will officially be back in school next week!

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