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Monday, June 22, 2015
TPT Seller Challenge #2


It's week 2 of the TPT Seller Challenge!  I am enjoying this challenge so far and it seems that MANY others are enjoying it as well!  The focus of the challenge this week is to blog about my goals and dreams for my TPT business.

First of all, I have to say I LOVE Teachers Pay Teachers!  I think this was a business that was created with great consideration and thought in mind.  I am glad that I am able to support other teachers and help them achieve their dreams, while improving my teaching career and helping my students be successful.

I feel like I am just beginning, even though I have been working on my blog and TPT for a couple of years.  It has been very sporadic and I want to be better than that.  I know I can be better than that!  So, here are my dreams for my TPT business!

Pay off student loans: I know that a lot of people out there feel this pain! It is outrageous how much it costs to get an education and I went to grad school, so that adds more fuel to the fire!  I love my job and I am glad that I earned a MLS, but it was costly. I commute 1 hour (each way) from my job to home, so I have to make sure to be mindful of how much money I spend.  In growing my TPT business, this is my first hope that I can be successful, so that I can pay off my debt and start living free (well, somewhat free)!

Travel: I love to travel, but of course that costs money!  And when you have bills to pay (see above) that create a problem!  My dream vacations would be to Italy, Tahiti, and Hawaii.  Oh, and to go anywhere related to Harry Potter (England & Universal Studios in FL)!  In case you didn't know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Harry Potter series!

Save for retirement: I feel like this may be a higher priority than traveling, but we still need to enjoy life, right?  I want to be able to retire as a younger age than what I see some teachers retiring at now.  The other 4th grade teacher at my school is old enough and has enough time, but she is supporting her children and grandchildren with her salary.  I don't want to have to spend my golden years in that position, so saving for retirement is key!

Help support my family: Boy, how am I going to do all of those things listed above AND this?!  Only with the help of others who would be willing to help me grow my business! I have a wonderful man that takes care of me and pays the bills for our house!  I would love to be able to help him in return!

Wow, that was a lot of big dreaming, but I know I can do it!  I just have to keep putting myself out there!

What are your dreams?

Thank you to Third and Hollywood and friends for this challenge!  It is keeping me motivated at the moment and making me strive to improve myself!  I am looking forward to next week's challenge.


  1. Paying off my student loans is on my list too!!!

  2. Hi April!
    Reading all of these dreams is leading me to believe that teachers deserve it all! I keep seeing student loans. It's too bad that people are so busy paying back loans instead of being able to travel and not worry! And you travel an hour each way?! Good luck to you :)

    Made with Love

  3. I want to travel as well. Good luck with all your dreams. The fact that you're able to write them down shows you're on the right path.

    Third Grade Whimsy


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