August 2nd Currently

Sunday, August 2, 2015
I'm ashamed of myself for not having posted the past few weeks!  :(

Things have been very hectic, but I am getting back on track!  Let's start with a recap of what I have been up to...

  1. 2 Conferences (in one week)...both were great! One was about co-teaching in the classroom and the other was all about using iPads and authentic assessment!  I hope to blog about that one in more detail this week.
  2. 3 Job Interviews (in one week)...none of them worked out.   I was upset, but I guess things happen for a reason, so life goes on.  Maybe next year!
  3. 1 Birthday (mine)!  I celebrated my 31st birthday last week.  
What is currently happening?!

I can't wait to do a classroom reveal.  I tried to showcase it on Periscope today, but that apparently didn't work and I was talking to myself!  What are you up to currently?

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